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Brace yourselves, Mumbai! IMD weather update declares red alert for Mumbai due to heavy rain. But green light for school, college students here's why?

How the Red alert for Mumbai rains sparks create a for students of schools and colleges? Chaos ensues, 50 flights, trains cancelled. Know more, what's up Mumbai?

Mumbai school girl carrying her bag over her head due to floods occurring in the city of Mumbai. Holidays for all schools and colleges follow

The people of Mumbai are no strangers to the monsoon season, but this monsoon hit really hard. On Sunday, Mumbai saw heavy rain, which caused waterlogging, extended traffic bottlenecks, and delays to flights and local train services. It is predicted that the rainy spells, which included intense nocturnal rainfall, will continue all week.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) weather update declared heavy rains in the city throughout the day, and the Thane District Council has announced a holiday for all schools and colleges based on the IMD forecast. 50 Flights have been canceled, and MSRTC has issued 15 extra buses as the Mumbai local trains have become unusable to the local public of Mumbai. In all this chaos, the most relieved are the youngsters of Mumbai.

All school unofficial WhatsApp group debates have come to an end after the announcement of a holiday till the 9th of July, causing the turbulent situation of the students to come at ease finally.

Given this, the next step for massive companies like Swiggy and Zomato should be drone delivery. This will be discussed in the upcoming post. Keep checking back!

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